The Acer Siwft 7 Full Review✓

The Acer Swift 7 was presented at CES 2018 as the prevailing "scene's most slender workstation," and this year the firm figured out how to expand the PC's show to 14 inches while keeping up the title. Be that as it may, plainly the Swift 7 has lost excessively to the opposition in clutching the moniker.

First of all, the Swift 7 utilizes a one of a kind touchpad arrangement in that it never again clicks – neither physically nor haptically, similar to the 12-inch MacBook. This was done to accomplish the slenderness required to keep up the title.
The Acer Siwft 7 Full Review✓
The Acer Siwft 7 Full Review✓

From that point, the PC utilizes a maturing, fanless Intel Core Y-arrangement processor that sees the PC fall well behind comparatively estimated matches in execution. What you at last get is a completely ravishing Ultrabook with worked in LTE that is hard to prescribe among an ocean of unmistakably performant PCs that are about similarly as thin and light.

Cost and accessibility 

Acer offers only one design of its new Swift 7 workstation that calls for $1,699 (about £1,281, AU$2,275) in both all-dark and dark on-gold shading plans. That cost makes you all that you see to one side, which incorporates a unique mark sensor for biometric Windows Hello login and in addition a LTE modem and eSIM worked in.

Relatively, the HP Specter 13 measures six tenths of an inch thicker than the Acer model, and highlights one of the most recent Intel Core i7 U-arrangement processors, with specifically similar capacity and memory sums, for only $1,399 (about £1,055, AU$1,873) list cost. Truly, the PC's screen is about a whole inch littler, yet the gadget can be designed with twofold the memory and capacity on offer inside the Swift 7 for simply one more 10 bucks or quid.

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CPU: 1.3GHz Intel Core i7-7Y75 (double center, 4MB store, up to 3.6GHz)

Designs: Intel HD Graphics 615

Slam: 8GB LPDDR3

Screen: 14-inch, Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) CineCrystal IPS contact show

Capacity: 256GB NVMe SSD

Ports: 2 x Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), headset jack

Network: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Camera: HD (720p) webcam with double receivers

Weight: 2.6 pounds (1.18kg)

Estimate: 12.91 x 9.33 x 0.35 inches (32.8 x 23.7 x 0.89cm; W x D x H)

Similarly, the Huawei MateBook X Pro is a 14-inch workstation that calls for only $1,499 (about £1,130, AU$2,007) to totally crush the Acer Swift 7 from an esteem point of view. This workstation isn't as thin or light, however it isn't so much that far away to offer twice as much memory and capacity and in addition more grounded Nvidia GeForce MX150 illustrations and an all the more intense and later Intel processor – gracious, and also a far more honed show at 3,000 x 2,000 pixels.

The most recent 12-inch MacBook from Apple measures somewhat thicker at 0.52 inches, and would cost 50 bucks or quid less to coordinate the Acer workstation on memory and capacity and give a more keen show, however it's missing biometric login and some screen land.

Now, the Swift 7 appears have an outrageously particular spotlight on slenderness, portability and network … maybe to its own particular burden against likewise evaluated rivals.


Acer has unmistakably built up the Swift 7 with slenderness, softness and transportability as a primary concern. With that, the Swift 7 is an eminent PC to get and hold, estimating only 0.35 inches (8.98mm) thin and measuring a svelte 2.6 pounds (1.18kg).

This PC is likewise an incredible looker, encased in an all-dark, brushed unibody aluminum shell with two tough pivots holding the show set up. Acer's most recent Swift 7 is certainly a standout amongst the most rich inclination workstations we've tried. Indeed, even the screen bezels and trackpad are enclosed by chrome groups – as is the unique mark sensor on the left next to the Tab key.

Gratefully, the console on the current year's model is illuminated and feels phenomenal to type on disregarding the amazingly shallow travel stood to it. Tuning up the input drive helped colossally here. Be that as it may, we can't state it's the same for the trackpad.

So as to accomplish this historic point slimness in PC outline, Acer chose to totally expel the clicking capacity from the trackpad. This implies you can just tap to click as a methods for connecting with the Windows 10 interface.

We could continue for far longer about this blemish than we're going to, yet simply realize that this oversight exhibits a genuine expectation to absorb information or leveling of desires. Indeed, even we, as dedicated tap-to-click fans, observe utilizing the PC to be somewhat agonizing without having the capacity to click by any stretch of the imagination. Without clicking, moving and resizing windows requires exact twofold taps, which rapidly ends up vexatious.

Not having the capacity to click likewise enormously lessens the speed at which we can explore Windows 10, shielding us from moving the cursor with our pointer and tapping on things with our thumb, similar to such huge numbers of workstation clients do.

Truly consider how critical the following knowledge on a workstation is to you before choosing to purchase this one, since it's something you'll be screwed over thanks to for the life of the gadget. It's honestly enough to turn us off to the thing.

Show and sound 

Acer has at any rate gone awesome lengths to enhance the Swift 7 sight and sound involvement, however those interests have delivered new disadvantages of their own. Presently, the touchscreen is 14 crawls on the corner to corner, on account of unmistakably limited bezels.

The IPS screen makes hues totally pop and presents wide review plots for sharing substance, which could prove to be useful when pushing the show down 180 degrees. Films and still photographs look energetic and fresh through the CineCrystal LED show.

Be that as it may, Acer seems to have been compelled to move the webcam to underneath the show so as to diminish the side bezel width. Obviously, we're no less miffed by this on the Acer Swift 7 than we've been with that of the Dell XPS 13: focused yet underneath the show instead of above it.

We've seen Ultrabooks accomplish comparably thin bezels with typically situated webcams, so there's extremely little reason here.

With respect to the sound execution, it's obviously poor originating from such a thin and light workstation. The PC's plan leaves space for just the littlest sound drivers that fire from the base of its base, abandoning you with tinny and thin solid in motion pictures and music. Simply be thankful that Acer didn't execute the earphone jack in making the world's most slender PC.

Costs - ACER SWIFT 7:



For costing as much as it does, we're not seeing the execution we'd anticipate from the Acer Swift 7. The Intel processor inside this machine has two main considerations conflicting with it with regards to execution: that it's a seventh era chip that has been outpaced pretty conveniently by the eighth era, and its a Y-arrangement chip – one intended for low-control, fanless gadgets.

While there's nothing amiss with such a processor, the issue is that this current PC's key rivals in this value run aren't that significantly thicker and heavier for utilizing out and out Intel U-arrangement processors … and are quite a lot more happier for it.

As should be obvious by the benchmarks, the Swift 7 is dominated by the Specter 13 in each execution based benchmark – and that PC is only six-tenths of an inch thicker (and really a hair lighter). This is to a great extent in light of the fact that the HP PC utilizes an eighth era, U-arrangement full-fat Intel processor to the Swift 7's more established, bring down power chip.

You can see a similar story play out crosswise over examinations, where the Huawei choice particularly outpaces the Swift 7 with its committed designs. Indeed, even the 12-inch MacBook created comparable execution numbers with a weaker Intel m3 processor from a similar age, likely because of the amount more Apple can tune its PC equipment to the product.


3DMark Sky Diver: 3,174; Fire Strike: 829; Time Spy: 310

Cinebench CPU: 257 focuses; Graphics: 35 fps

GeekBench 4: 3,839 (single-center); 6,312 (multi-center)

PCMark 8 (Home Test): 2,576 focuses

PCMark 8 Battery Life: 4 hours and 10 minutes

Battery Life (Technews24 film test): 8 hours and 45 minutes

All in all, the Swift 7 basically does not create execution that is equivalent to equaling workstations that accompany comparative sticker prices or are accessible for even less. We even observe a touch of laziness from the PC when opening promotion filled website pages and when stacking huge media documents.

For being only tenths of an inch more slender than all the rest, the Swift 7 beyond any doubt loses out on a considerable measure.

Battery life 

All things considered, we do locate the Swift 7 to deliver some fabulous battery life figures, regardless of whether they're obviously behind Acer's own guarantees. While Acer claims up to 10 long periods of utilization from the workstation, we've seen it last somewhat more than a hour not as much as that.

You're likely ready to get a whole work day of utilization out of this PC; obviously, accepting the undertakings included are for the most part generally lightweight. In the interim, we've discovered the all the more intense MateBook X Pro and more prevalent MacBook to keep going similarly as long in our benchmarks – both of which can be had for not as much as this workstation.

Windows Hello and locally available LTE 

Two of the most convincing highlights about the Swift 7 are its biometric login and cell network. The biometric login comes by means of a unique finger impression sensor that is installed into the console deck left of the Tab key.

Setting up this unique mark sensor is as basic as it is on every single other Window PCs, and it works honorably. The situation is additionally simple to acknowledge when a few brands are as yet inserting unique finger impression sensors into touchpads and other abnormal spots.

The locally available LTE association is taken care of by means of an Intel modem utilizing an electronic SIM card, or eSIM, which is associated with a worldwide cell arrange by Transatel known as Ubigi. Each Swift 7 accompanies a 1GB, one-month free preliminary of the administration. From that point onward, you'll need to agree to accept an information design, with almost every district – however a large portion of Africa, some of focal south Asia, lumps of South America and all of Australia – inside its scope territory.

We observe the administration to be okay outside, however to get rather stalled inside thickly-walled structures, just like the case with the majority of New York City. In any case, the accommodation of locally available LTE isn't lost on us, however we wish we could simply join with one of the real US transporters we as of now have a telephone design with for much more comfort.

Last decision 

The Acer Swift 7 is the consequence of a hellbent mission to make the following "scene's most slender" PC. Acer absolutely arrived and can put that series of words on the crate, however what sort of item did it result in? To be perfectly honest, one that is awfully effortlessly outpaced and outpriced.

You may have the world's most slender PC in case you're to get an Acer Swift 7, yet you additionally have a workstation without a legitimately working trackpad. You additionally have a PC that isn't as intense as others that are less expensive, and not that considerably thicker or heavier, while as yet looking similarly as premium.

While we appreciate Acer's astounding item configuration slashes conveyed to manage in the Swift 7, we can't unquestionably prescribe you purchase this workstation except if you should totally satisfy your longing to claim the most slender PC.

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